Whole House Home Generator Installation

Albrite Electric is proud to be Generac Generator Factory Authorized whole house home generator installers.  Ask our sales team about our interest financing package for qualified buyers.

Binghamton, NY homeowners understand the annoyance that goes along with power failure, particularly during extreme weather such as damaging summer storms and winter blizzards. What you might not realize, however, is that power failure is not only annoying, it’s dangerous. The loss of power in your home might irritate you when it’s out for a short time, but when it’s out for longer periods of time, it can cause health problems such as illness due to eating food that went bad in the freezer or fridge without your knowledge. Imagine coming home from vacation and using eggs from your fridge to cook a meal when unbeknownst to you, you power was out for three days while you were gone.

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Homeowners often take power for granted. It’s readily available, and you rely on it for your most basic of household needs. An electric generator will give you the assurance you need when inclement weather wreaks havoc on your electricity. If the power goes out, your generator can right the situation and provide you with the power you need to survive. Albrite Electric offers generator services including Generac generator installation to Binghamton, NY residents. Albrite’s trained techs offer services such as the following:

  • Generac Generator Service
  • Generac Generator Installation
  • Generac Generator Repair
  • Generac Generator Replacement
  • Generac Generator Transfer Switch Installation

Generator Installation

When you choose to have an electric generator installed in your home, you’ll need to have it done by a professionally licensed electrician. It’s not a job you can do yourself to save money. Albrite Electric has many years experience installing electric generators in Binghamton homes and businesses. Licensed electricians will come to your home or business and install your new electric generator with professionalism and without getting in your way. Albrite electricians will help you choose an electric generator that suits the needs you have in your home or business as well as your budgetary confinements.

Generac Generator Service

Albrite techs offer an array of services for your generator needs. This includes on-site delivery of your generator as well as emergency servicing of your generator. Albrite electricians are highly trained in servicing all models of Generac Generators.. This comprehensive knowledge and experience makes it possible for Albrite techs to complete your generator service with confidence and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Generac Generator Repair Services

Many homes and businesses already have generators installed in the Greater Binghamton region. If you’re one of these people, you might worry that your generator may experience technical difficulties when you need it most. If your generator fails to work during a sweltering summer storm or frigid winter weather, Albrite techs will respond immediately to your home or business to repair your Generac generator. To ensure your generator works perfectly, Albrite Electric recommends yearly generator maintenance. Trained techs will assess and diagnose any potential issues before they become issues, preventing breakdown when you most need your generator.

Generac Generator Replacement

Like anything else in your home, generators do not have a lifetime guarantee. In fact, they will periodically require replacement. If your home or business consists of a generator that is experiencing frequent issues, you might consider replacing it now before you need it again. Albrite techs will come to your home or office and perform a myriad of tests to determine whether or not your generator needs a minor repair or replacement. If replacement is necessary, Albrite techs will help you choose a new electric generator that’s powerful enough for your electric needs, deliver it, and install it for you.

Generac Generator Transfer Switch Installation

To ensure you can operate a number of electrical components at once using your generator, you will need a transfer switch. This switch makes it possible for you to heat your water, watch television, keep the fridge working and even cook dinner when your power is out. Most typical generators don’t have the capacity to handle so much voltage at once due to the absence of a transfer switch. Albrite Electric electricians will install your very own transfer switch to give you the power to perform these actions simultaneously. This is the type of installation that requires professional installation.

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If you are a Binghamton resident in need of a new whole house generator, generator repair, replacement, or transfer switch installation, call Albrite Electric today. Don’t wait until your power is out and it’s too late. Call now to prevent the inconvenience and safety hazards associated with power failure.