Outlet Installation

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Outlet Installation

It happens to everyone at least once in your life. You go to plug something in and it doesn’t work. For a split second you panic thinking your expensive new laptop doesn’t work or your hair dryer finally died – 20 minutes before you need to leave for that big meeting with a head full of wet hair. After a moment you might begin to use your rationalization and plug your electronic into a different outlet only to discover that it works just fine. You think with relief that the problem isn’t your hair dryer, it’s just the outlet. Then you move on and forget about the offensive outlet.

While most people won’t think twice about a seemingly broken outlet, the professionals at Albrite Electric want Binghamton, NY residents to understand that a malfunctioning outlet might not be the minor issue you assume. One broken outlet might not seem like much of an issue when the rest work just fine, but it could be a much bigger problem than you realize. A broken outlet could be a sign of a much bigger problem, such as a failing electrical wiring in your entire house. Since your outlets are your primary source of receiving electricity, ignoring a broken one is never a wise idea.

GFCI Outlet Installation

Albrite technicians will take the initiative to replace your outlets with newer, safer GFCI outlets. You might have heard of these; ground fault circuit interrupters. This is the safest outlet on the market. Its role is to detect electrical imbalances and immediately shut down the current less than a second after the imbalance is discovered. This can prevent several major problems, include electrocution.

To help you understand precisely how important it is that your home or office outlets are replaced with GFCI outlets, you should understand how a ground fault works. When a ground fault occurs, it means that electricity has escaped the wiring in a particular appliance in an effort to take a shortcut into the ground. It could shortcut through anything in its way, including a person if that person happens to be holding onto the wiring when the ground fault occurs, causing electrocution. Several hundred fatalities occur in the US alone each year to people who do not have GFCI outlets in their homes or offices.

Even if your outlets seem to be working just fine, it’s time to have them replaced with GFCI outlets. At Albrite Electric, we recommend that our customers stay on top of the latest safety methods associated with electric and wiring. That’s why we recommend GFCI outlets to all Binghamton homeowners, even if you don’t think you need to upgrade.

Professional Installation

Trained electricians at Albrite Electric are skilled in safety and outlet installation, which is why you should call the offices to schedule an appointment to have your outlets inspected. Electricians can come to your home, test your outlets and diagnose the real issue going on in a matter of minutes. This is one call that can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in future electrical repairs.

Electricians at Albrite Electric can have your outlets changed in a short period of time, without interrupting your day any longer than necessary. The job is relatively simple when done correctly, which is why we recommend calling in the professionals to replace your older outlets. If your home is an older one, chances are your outlets are also old. This means they’re not up to the latest standards in safety, which can cause fires and other damage to your home or even to your family. Safety is a priority at Albrite Electric, which is why our highly trained and educated techs can help to protect your home and family.