Security Lighting Installation

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Security Lighting Installation

professional security lighting installation in Binghamton NY

Outdoor lighting is often overlooked when homeowners think about security as a first line of defense. Your home is vulnerable to burglars when your home is vulnerable to shadowy areas or dark entryways.

In a study from 2021, Broome County was ranked as having the 4th highest property crime rate of all counties in New York State.  With crime on the rise, there’s never been a better time to consider upgrading the exterior security of your home.

At Albrite Electric, we specialize in professional security lighting that illuminates pathways, deters criminals, and provides monitoring for exterior spaces. With our expert installation services, you can come home after a long day and be rest assured your property will be brighter, safer, and more secure.

Deterring Burglars with Strategic Security Lighting Placement

Outdoor motion sensor lights are one of our most popular security lighting options for homeowners. We recommend having these installed around entryways or vulnerable exterior areas. With custom placed motion detectors, these lights will automatically turn on when human movement is detected. A brightly illuminated home exterior leaves criminals exposed, often causing them to exit your property as quickly as possible.

Our electricians strategically place security floodlights to maximize visibility and coverage at key exterior locations:

  • Along side yards and rear of your house
  • Above exterior doors, garages, or gates
  • Near exterior HVAC units or utility boxes
  • Alongside shadowy alcoves or landscaping lighting

Properly angled floodlighting installed by an experienced professional removes exterior shadows and increases monitored visibility of your property's perimeter.  If you have a monitored doorbell, such as a Ring doorbell, properly angled lights can allow for enough ambient light to help police identify a potential intruder and so they don’t make the same mistake twice.

Smart Home Security Light Integration for Automated Control

Many modern security lights we install offer smart home integration through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. We help connect new light fixtures to your existing smart home system during installation. This allows you to remotely control and configure your outdoor security lighting from your smartphone or tablet.

Programmable smart lighting provides additional monitoring control. Connected fixtures can automatically:

  • Turn on at sunset for overnight security illumination
  • Turn off at sunrise when natural daylight is sufficient for security
  • Activate light color or brightness changes based on programmed alerts or sensors
  • Seamlessly integrate motion-triggered activation

Smart connectivity also enables easy future expansion. We can add additional smart security lighting to your exterior anytime, even after our initial installation!

Backup Power Keeps Security Running in Outages

Power outages often correspond with increased crime rates. Without functioning security systems or adequate exterior lighting, these vulnerable times can cause your property to become a prime target for burglars. Our electricians can integrate backup whole house generators to power your home or more simple options to keep your security lighting operational even when the grid goes dark.

Possible backup power solutions include:

  • Integrated batteries provide 1-3 hours of electricity to maintain essential illumination.
  • Solar panels charge batteries during daylight to power automated lighting after dark.
  • Whole house generators can run lights, security systems, and even household necessities for days when electricity is disrupted.

Backup power keeps security lighting functioning, while also acting as a deterrent by keeping smart home systems actively monitoring your property. Criminals look for dark, vulnerable areas with disabled alarms. Staying lit even during disasters or blackouts helps keep your home safe and comfortable until the power comes back on.

Rely on Our Lighting Experts at Albrite Electric for Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind

Adequately illuminating exterior areas requires professional installation planning and placement. Attempting dangerous do-it-yourself electrical work on elevated areas of your property risks accidents, liability, and a voided warranty. Our fully licensed and insured electricians have specialized training and equipment to safely install all security lighting for your home or business, no matter how tricky the location.

We provide only top-quality lighting products designed specifically for security applications. This includes intrusion coverage for vulnerable areas, plus powerful brightness to eliminate dark areas near buildings.  Protected with durable housings to withstand weather elements, our commercial-grade exterior lights also feature industry leading energy efficiency to offset associated electricity costs.

Contact Albrite Electric today at (607) 748-2105 to schedule your exterior lighting security inspection. Our technicians will conduct an after-dark analysis of your property's existing illumination while providing an improved coverage plan for vulnerable zones. We'll then recommend custom security lighting products and an installation plan to enhance monitoring, deter intruders, and help you rest easier at night.