Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

If you knew that one of the simplest ways to deter burglars and criminals was the presence of exterior lighting outside your home or office, would you be more likely to invest in lighting? The simple answer is yes. Low voltage landscape lighting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to provide your family, employees or customers with the kind of safety they want and deserve when the sun goes down. Binghamton residents and business owners are often unfamiliar with the kind of protection exterior lighting can offer.

With the simple installation of exterior lighting, you can light your parking lot, walkways and the front of your building or home. This can enhance the beauty of your home or the presence of your business. It can help to prevent burglars and intruders from waiting in the shadows to attack or break in. Even criminals are smart enough to know that it’s not safe to break in or attack when an area is well lit and potentially visible to witnesses.

Landscape Lighting Choices

Now that you’re aware of how beneficial it is to provide exterior lighting to your home and/or business, it’s time to choose what type of exterior lighting is best for you. Uplighting is a technique that works well to enhance the beauty of landscaping and buildings. The purpose of lighting such as this is to provide light from below, which can enhance aesthetic appeal to any location. Electricians at Albrite Electric typically use uplighting to illuminate gardens, windows, and shrubs. Uplighting is a technique that’s more beneficial if your goal is decorative rather than protective.

Downlighting, however, is great for business owners or homeowners who want to shine light from above to illuminate an area for protective reasons. For example, downlighting in front of doors and windows can protect your home from intruders who do not want to stand openly in the bright light where witnesses might see them.

Pathlighting is an option for business and homeowners who want to illuminate their walkways. This is both lovely and safe. When paths are well-lit, they are much safer for pedestrians for several reasons. One reason is that those in wheelchairs or those walking while carrying a number of items are less likely to veer off a darkened path and fall.

Backlighting is something that is done to make objects appear shadowed, like a silhouette. This type of lighting is used most commonly in businesses to highlight landscaping and other fixtures.

Professional Lighting Experts

Professional electricians at Albrite Electric can help to make the appearance and safety of your business and/or home more appealing. Using a combination of lighting techniques and fixtures, you can rest assured that your building or home is both safe and aesthetically appealing to customers. Additionally, you will feel confident in the work performed by their team of professional electricians. Albrite Electric provides a number of services to homeowners and business owners when it comes to lighting. This includes both design and installation. You’ll work with a professional to choose what you want to see in the final product, trusting that their designs will be the most functional and beneficial to you.

Albrite Electric has been providing lighting services to greater Binghamton, NY residents and business owners for years. The professional training and experience, combined with years of practice, mean that the job you want done will be done both professionally and with exceptional care. Our professionals will ensure that disruption to your business or home is virtually unnoticed during the day or night. Call Albrite Electric today to schedule a lighting consultation. It’s never too late to provide your family and customers with the peace of mind that they will be safe at your home and business.