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Our employees practice all social distancing guidelines, wear gloves and boot covers, and we sanitize all our tools from call to call. Your invoice will also be e-mailed to you after your service call is complete. It's our way to make sure you stay safe and we keep your home safe during this time.

Circuit Breaker Installation/Upgrade

The remote control makes watching television possible for those too young to realize that television watching once required getting up to change channels, but what really makes watching television possible is something else entirely. What makes watching television possible is the same thing that makes using your washing machine and dryer possible, it makes it possible for your refrigerator to cool your food and your dishwasher handle all the dirty work on your behalf. Your electrical panels, fuses and breakers are what make all this possible.

If you find that your circuits trip regularly, your lights flicker infuriatingly often and the need to unplug the fridge to make your hairdryer work is beginning to get on your nerves, it’s time to upgrade your panels. The problem with your current panels could be a multitude of potential issues. You could have faulty wiring, old circuits, and outdated panel or improperly electrical wiring behind your walls. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for Binghamton, NY residents to experience one or more of these electrical issues with the number of older homes in the area.

Aside from the fact that your problematic electrical panels could cause your home to lose power unexpectedly, the other potential dangers are much worse. Improperly wired panels and short circuits could spark a fire, causing your home to sustain fire and smoke damage. Albrite Electric’s highly-trained and professional staff offers Binghamton, NY residents a comprehensive examination of your panels; fuses and circuits in addition to an array of services include repair, replacement and installation.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional

One of the most requested services Albrite Electric receives is fuse, panel and circuit replacement. Homeowners with older homes are much more likely to require this type of work, and most realize that their electrical inexperience is too great to make this a do-it-yourself home repair.

Professional installation by an Albrite Electric employee guarantees quality work and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Highly skilled electricians can replace and upgrade your fuses, circuits and panels and even rewire your electrical wires in the most non-invasive manner possible. They guarantee their work is both accurate and professional; leaving your home safer than it was prior to your upgrades.

Call Albrite Electric

There are many projects you can take on at home without any professional assistance, but electrical wiring is not recommended for those who’ve never done it before. Without experience there are too many things that could go wrong, causing irreparable damage to your home. Faulty wiring is one of the most dangerous issues in homes, which is why Albrite Electric encourages homeowners to call in a professional electrician. Panel upgrades are imperative to the safety and functionality of your home. When installed by a novice, panel upgrades can go dangerously wrong. Don’t put your family or your home in danger; call a professional to upgrade and install your new panel.

When done right the first time, as it is by an Albrite Electric professional, you’ll save substantial time and money. Whether you want your entire electrical system rewired or you just need a few fuses replaced, Albrite Electric is available to do the job to your satisfaction. The safety of your home and family is of great magnitude; call in an Albrite professional to handle your panel upgrade needs. With a staff of highly trained professional electricians on staff, Albrite will send a tech to your home to assess your current panel and your needs and suggest a panel upgrade that will suit your electrical needs. Professional installation will follow, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed by Albrite Electric.

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